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Text based RP
The Double-Shot Ghost Icon_minitimeMon Jul 01, 2013 4:33 pm by DarkHeart
Uhm, so I want to do an RP based on text RPGs, as in your put into the world and you type in commands, if you've ever heard of Zork that is one of the examples. I don't think I would care what the …

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PostSubject: The Double-Shot Ghost   The Double-Shot Ghost Icon_minitimeMon Mar 25, 2013 12:06 pm

Name: Isabella Rosalin "The Double-Shot Ghost"
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Rank: Captain
Ship currently serving on: la Ira del Mar (The Sea's Wrath)
Physical appearance: Long wavy black hair, deeply tanned skin, hazel eyes, approx. 5'6", 135 lbs. Very obvious Hispanic features, high cheekbones.
Scars: Two closed bullet wounds just above the heart
Most commonly worn outfit: A pair of white loose trousers, a puffy blue shirt, a black coat (classic pirate style) and knee-high boots. Small gold loop earrings.
Personality: Manipulative, cunning, charismatic, and vengeful. Secretly misses the days she wasn't a pirate, but cannot go back, hence making her resentful to anything reminding her about Spain.
History: Isabella was once a common Spanish woman, and was on her way to visit her brother and his family in Cuba when pirates attacked the ship. The Spanish ship she was on easily defeated the pirates, but the pirate captain managed to take Isabella hostage. He demanded to get away, or she'd die. The Spanish let her go, when they easily could have saved her. Isabella was taken by the pirate, Henry Valdsa, and onto his backup ship. Henry made her his personal slave, and Isabella had no way to fight back for many years. Until one day, she attempted to kill him in his sleep. The first mate caught her though, and just as she stabbed him, shot her through the chest, with two bullets. Somehow, Isabella didn't die, and when she was better; having been set off into the sea on a pathetic raft, she wanted revenge. Isabella managed to catch the ship at a port, infiltrate it, and killed the first mate, who had then become captain. Isabella posed as the newly deceased captain for three years before revealing herself to be who she was. Her crew, followed her with no quarrel, and sense then Isabella has proven herself a legendary pirate.
Weapon choice: A single silver sword, single barrel pistol. (In mid 1700s style)
Skills: Persuasion, but more so intimidation. Sailing, pistol shooting, and sword fighting, martial arts.
Goal: Get as much gold as possible, destroy every single Spanish ship she sees.
Affiliations: Herself, la Ira del Mar, and the Pirate League.
Infamy: Wanted in thirteen countries, and then some.
Other: Very thick Spanish accent, commonly speaks in Spanish when frustrated or angry.
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The Double-Shot Ghost
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