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Text based RP
Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:33 pm by DarkHeart
Uhm, so I want to do an RP based on text RPGs, as in your put into the world and you type in commands, if you've ever heard of Zork that is one of the examples. I don't think I would care what the …

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 Andrew Brennan

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PostSubject: Andrew Brennan   Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:01 am

Name: Andrew 'Hawk' Brennan
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Rank: Lieutenant, Gunner (During ship combat)
Ship currently serving on: The Epona
Physical appearance: Roughly 5'7", taller than average, but looks a lot like Paul otherwise.
Scars: A few on his arms from having accidentally cut himself while working either on the ship or the farm.
Most commonly worn outfit: Typically barechested, with blue pants. Tans easier than Paul.
Personality: The careful one; whist Paul normally tries to take risks, Andrew tries to talk him out of it. He is protective of his brother and his crew, taking after his younger brother's leadership ability. Good at talking his way out of things.
History: Andrew grew up with Paul on the farm. When Paul was kidnapped, his life was changed. He learned to pay close attention to his surroundings, and swore to find his brother. One day, while in town, one of the members of Paul's crew mistook him for his brother, and called out to him. He responded by saying that his brother was dead, and the sailor told him that he was a pirate captain. He left and joined his brother, in higher spirits than he'd ever been since his brother's disappearance.
Weapon choice: A sabre and flintlock pistol.
Skills: Excels in long-range ship combat, and is quick with loading cannons and in manipulating rope-based mechanisms on the ship.
Goal: Support his brother, protect his crew with his life.
Affiliations: Pirate League, Paul Brennan, and The Epona's crew.
Infamy: Hardly any; Paul does a good job at protecting his identity, and he can usually talk his way out of questions regarding his affiliation with Paul. It's no secret he's taller than Paul, and he uses that to his advantage. Rumours about him are quickly struck down, and as such, he has no trouble getting into town when he has to, though he doesn't do it very often.
Other: Speaks with an Irish accent. Also likes to use his hands when he speaks. Brother of Paul Brennan.

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Andrew Brennan
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