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Text based RP
Thomas Carter Icon_minitimeMon Jul 01, 2013 4:33 pm by DarkHeart
Uhm, so I want to do an RP based on text RPGs, as in your put into the world and you type in commands, if you've ever heard of Zork that is one of the examples. I don't think I would care what the …

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 Thomas Carter

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PostSubject: Thomas Carter   Thomas Carter Icon_minitimeTue Apr 02, 2013 7:25 am

Name: Thomas "Wolf" Carter
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Rank: Gunner
Ship currently serving on: Sandsaraya
Physical appearance: Neatly shaven, black hair down to his shoulders. Sometimes bangs are tied back into a small ponytail behind his head; usually during combat. Otherwise hangs free.
Scars: None (Currently)
Most commonly worn outfit: Black trousers and black coat with gold-coloured decorations around shoulders and edges of the coat. Coat left unbuttoned, usually.
Personality: Generally quiet and cold, but quite friendly when approached. Hardworking and likes to help out. Nicknamed 'Wolf' for his ferocity and tendency to lead those following him during a fight, and for his silence otherwise. Lives up to his namesake, and is generally cynical to things that he hasn't seen proven with his own eyes.
History: Thomas was born in a quiet town in England, and joined the Royal Navy. He'd always dreamed of sailing the seas, so he took the first chance he got. His ship ran across the Sandsaraya and the captain decided to attack the pirates. They were promptly sunk, and Thomas was taken captive. Not one to so easily give up his dreams, Thomas decided to serve as best he could on the ship rather than lament his situation. It took a while, but he's slowly been earning his place on the Spanish ship. He can't speak Spanish, only having picked up a few basic words. As such, communication is an issue for him. Not that it bothers him; he's usually quiet, and communicates with body language when possible.
Weapon choice: A war knife and flintlock pistol.
Skills: Cannon operation, ship combat. Also isn't a bad cook.
Goal: Sail the seas, and have a grand time doing it.
Affiliations: The Sandsaraya. Is only loyal to the Pirate League because of duty.
Infamy: None; Thomas was presumed dead when his captain's ship was sunk.
Other: Speaks with a semi-thick English accent. Sometimes a Spanish one slips out just because of his time on the Sandsaraya.
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Thomas Carter
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