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Text based RP
The Turrol Incident Icon_minitimeMon Jul 01, 2013 4:33 pm by DarkHeart
Uhm, so I want to do an RP based on text RPGs, as in your put into the world and you type in commands, if you've ever heard of Zork that is one of the examples. I don't think I would care what the …

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 The Turrol Incident

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The Turrol Incident Empty
PostSubject: The Turrol Incident   The Turrol Incident Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2015 8:12 pm

"I just wanted to say, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I said, what I did, but most of all for what I didn't. I know you have questions, and I know you want them all answered soon, but we don't have time. You'll just have to have faith in me and for just once in your life mean it, because otherwise we're all dead."


The year is 2230.
The human race has expanded out into the cosmos and colonized countless planets. In doing so, they've also displaced hundreds of races as they greedily took what wasn't theirs, and lay seige to those that resisted. In 2200, a thirty year war was ended and all non-humans were made second class citizens on what were once their own homeworlds and colonies. Seemingly, nothing could stop the machine that was humanity, ever expanding and conquering. Eventually, there were nearly a hundred systems that were ruled by Mankind with technologies far more advanced than that of the races they encountered.
Every solar system is autonomous, their own little bubble where the other systems don't matter. Most colonies have impressive militaries to keep the other races in line, and enforce the heavy segregation laws that are in place. In one system, the Grohawk System, these laws are notoriously brutally enforced. It is here, that the beginnings of revolution sparked once more.
It started with peaceful protests, but soon the government on the capital planet of the system Turrol wanted to stamp out and dissenting thoughts and sent in inquisitors. That's when things got violent. The planet was consumed in fires as races rebeled extremely, tired of another thirty years of being stamped under the boots of invaders. Eventually however, the military retook the planet and the rebellion was quelled.
Now, word of another rebellion in the Grohawk System has spread, this time on the moon on Turrol, Jeminez. This primarily agricultural moon has been spreading more and more anti-human sentiment, and terrified of another Turrol Incident, the government is striking before it can happen. Suspected "terrorists" are being carted away in the middle of the night, citizens abducted and questioned by their leaders and never returning. More and more officers are showing up on the streets and less non-humans are daring to turn up. The underground however, swells with life and the spark of rebellion might just flourish. That is of course, if they can find a leader. As a new ship lands in the docks, and hundreds of aliens depart, perhaps that leader has just arrived?
Only time will tell.



Human [Humans]: The dominiate race in the galaxy, humanity has hyper advanced technology compared to the other races. Notably, most humans are racist, and enjoy their privilege. There are those that do not agree however. Humans live up to one hundred and fifty years.

Yuttel [Yuttels]: Natives of Turrol, long legged bi-pedals with bald heads and four eyes. They have two primary genders with no physical distinction excluding males being a bit thicker and taller. Skin tones range from white to dusty brown. Their eye colors include blue, brown, red, orange, green and black, they have no pupils and their entire eye is colored. Their faces are very flat and they have no external ears. They have long arms and only four fingers. Yuttel are generally 7-8 feet tall, and weigh 140-230 pounds. As a race, they're extremely peaceful, and compliant, making them the least likely to rebel. They are the most trusted of the local aliens. Culturally, they're pacifists, but there have been cases of mild to serious violence. They are notable for their smooth voices, and speak with an accent that is similar to the human British accent. Yuttel live up to one hundred years.

Vol [Vols]: A major spacefaring race, Vol are natives of a distant planet in the Grohawk System, Vugial. They're notable for their small and nimble frames, making excellent scouts and spies. Vol are never seen without at least one another Vol around them. Their skin is silky and always a dark brown. They have two eyes in the front of their face and a large nose. Their eyes are only black in color. Some have patches of fur on the tops of their heads, while most have none. All Vol have a pair of horns that grow outwards like rams, including the female. The major difference between males and females of the races are the presence of similar human gender specific features. Vol travel in packs mostly to make up for their physical weakness. Vol are generally between 3-4 feet tall, never reaching 5 feet, and weight normally around 80 pounds. Their limbs are short but not stubby, and their have five fingers. They are bi-pedal. They are known for causing mischief and non-serious trouble, and have a neutral amount of trust among other races. They are excellent ship-builders and merchants. They speak with an accent that can be likened to Italian. Vol live up to seventy years.

Crim [Crims]: The vermin of the galaxy, Crim are quadrapedal scavangers. No one really knows how they get from planet to planet, as they're considered too dumb to build their own ships and never have been reported to either. They are native to Turrol. They have sickly green skin that is scaled around the edges of the face, and other spots and have a reptilian like appearance in general. Their three eyes are very slit like and always yellow or blue. They have a notable long forked tongue, short snout, and do not communicate with the other species well, but rather through a very broken hissing voice. Crim are anywhere from 3-9 feet tall, and thusly have no average weight. They have a tail that is about a foot long and spiked at the end. In addition to four legs, they have a pair of arms that rests on the upper portion of their torso. Crim are easily enslaved by other races, and often used as attack creatures. They have very little care for life, and are especially dangerous when they come in the larger variety. They have no trust from other races, however are very unlikely to revolt as they're considered too stupid to know what's really going on. Crim have three genders; all three are necessary to reproduce, granting them a unique family setting compared to most other races. They are hyper-aggressive and often get into squabbles amongst themselves. Crim live up to thirty years.

Ithxa [Ithxa]: A humanoid race of artists, the Ithxa are a beloved race even to the humans. Their homeworld is the moon Jeminez. They're highly intelligent, often crafting some of the most remarkable architecture of the time, as well as art, poetry and literature. Musically, they're considered gods. However, it ends there. Because of their potential for great things, humanity places many restrictions on them and steals their glory for themselves. Often, Ithxa are servants for noble humans and produce great pieces, only for the credit to be stolen by their master. The Ithxa are not pleased with this social practice. They're 5-7 feet fall, weighing between 100-200 pounds commonly, and have three colors of skin: blue, green and orange. Their two eyes are all colors of the spectrum, and very large almost innocent looking. Ithxa are not known for musculature, but instead have fluid forms like dancers. They have pointed ears that are slightly large, and hair. Most Ithxa have their hair short, but it can grow to long lengths just like humans. Common colors include blonde, copper, red and brown, but hair can also be black, blue and purple. They only have curly hair. Males and females are distinquished like they are between humans. They are an utterly silent race however, unable to produce any sounds of their own. Because of this, they are telepathic, making them the only known race to do this, and have a minor telekinesis. They are beloved by all races, but the slaves of humans, who guard them closely like a treasure that might betray them. Most servant Ithxa have chips in them to fully silence their voices or monitor telepathic messages. While peaceful people, the Ithxa would be utterly willing to revolt. Ithxa live up to three hundred years.

Twilon [Twilones]: Ghosts, are essentially what the Twilon are. They have no solid form, but instead are a substance of plasma that mimicks whatever shape they so desire. Genderless, Twilon are said to be the remains of an ancient civilization that evolved past the need of a physical body. They can pass through solid walls but also interact with objects they so chose to. Twilon are either shades of blue or purple, and have no discernable face, however they do have a smaller shape at the top of the head and arm like appendages in the most commonly found form. Twilon rely on solar energy to remain living, making them rare sights on non-sunny planets. Turrol and Jeminez are ideal homes for them. They speak with a disembodied voice that emanates from around the room often in a mono-tone robot like sound. Twilon are passive, however they get very defensive about the sun and their access to it. Due to their ability to phase through any material, it makes it difficult to control or corral them. Twilon are religiously sacred to the Ithxa, but considered a bane or terror by all other races. They have no real political stance whatsoever, however they are not considered allies of the humans. Twilon live up to two thousand years before during into pure plasma.

Pyri [Pyries]: A war-like race of fiery humanoids, the Pyri are known for their violent methods of seeking equality. The Pyri were the most difficult of the races to have been conquered by the humans, and they take that proudly. They are commonly the terrorists carted in by the governments. Pyri are all hues of red orange and yellow, with spiky like plates that grow outwards from their skin like armor. They are fully capable to setting themselves on fire for short times, usually up to five minutes max. They stand at an average 7 feet tall, and never shorter than 6.5 feet. They're well built, and agile. The males are bright reds and larger overall, with a plume of feathers on their head. Females are duller colors and smaller. Additionally, Pyri have common human gender differences. Their eyes are slightly reptilian in design, and only yellow or orange with slit pupils. Pyri mark themselves for every kill they earn on their left arm. They are not considered adults until after their first kill. They are often hired as mercenaries, bodyguards and the sort. They are furiously hated by humans, but are beacons of hope to the Ithxa. They're from the volcanicly active planet Ubuno, and would have a decent sized fleet if not for human sanctions. Many Pyri also go into the business world manufacturing weapons and armor. They would happily kill every human they come across. They speak with an accent similar to Russian. Pyri live up to one hundred years.

*There will be images coming soon of the basic model of each alien race*


Turrol: Homeworld of the Yuttel and Crim, Turrol is the capital planet of the Grohawk system, which as a total of thirteen different planets. It is hyper-militaristic, and notoriously brutal in punishment. After the "Turrol Incident" the planet has only become a worse example of civil rights being violated and an industrial nightmare. The temperate if not slightly tropical planet has recently undergone an industrial revolution, and most of the commerce has shifted from agriculture to manufacturing in the last twenty years. Turrol has one singular nation, the Turrol Confederation, on the singular massive continent, the rest of the planet is ocean and islands that are unclaimed and radioactive. These are rumored to be where the Crim themselves are born. The cities are glorious but highly segregated, with glass up top and gettos down on the bottom. Turrol has a twenty-four hour day night cycle, and completes one revolution around the local sun in 540 days. Its atmosphere is safe for all races to breathe excluding Vol. They wear rebreathers on the planet.

Jeminez: The largest moon of Turrol, Jeminez is the newest place for civil unrest in the system. Jeminez is a highly lush and temperate moon that basks in fifteen hours of sunlight and four hours of night due to a very rapid rotation cycle. Inhabitants use shades to substitute darkness for sleeping in the early daylight hours. Jeminez is the homeworld of the Ithxa. It's major exports are agriculturally tied, or culturally tied to the Ithxa. It has a massive spaceport on the northern side named Weul, that is the capital of the moon. Jeminez is large enough to have its own moon, Gerrin. Jeminez's atmosphere is safe for all races to breathe. Its weather is moderate and rarely is there a geological event. It has no oceans, but rather several large seas and lakes. The moon is a commonwealth of the Turrol Confederation.



Humans: Overall, humanity is a ruthless and oppressive bigoted race that seeks their total domination of all other races. Humanity has the most access to resources, technology and military. They are about one hundred years more advanced than the other races and do everything they can to keep it that way. Humans are utterly against the non-humans, and go to severe lengths to keep their position in the galaxy. They use Ithxa for cultural advancements and are final with stealing their glory. Crim are hounds and the Yuttel merchant class that are exploited. Vol are considered trouble and Twilon are a nuscience. The Pyri are sworn enemies. Humans have increased anti-alien sentiment and the rich upper nobles that control the vast majority of the colonies through corporation or military force have pulled strings. Aliens are starting to vanish.

Neutral: As the name implies, there are neutral parties that do not wish to take either side, or don't agree with either to fully take a stance. Most neutral parties vacate the area or eventually join a side as the fighting progresses. These are often poor humans who are still racist, or richer aliens who've managed to make due or are too afraid to try anything.

Anti-Human: A collaboration of all non-human races and even some sympathetic humans, the Anti-Human faction are the rebels. They're marked as terrorists by the government after the Turrol Incident, and have left their peaceful civil disobedience ways for a more radical resolution. Spearheaded by the Pyri, the Anti-humans aren't very well funded and are have decreased tactical advantages by the number against the humans. They primarily rely on underground guerrilla warfare methods of fighting, infiltration and spying. Slowing, their numbers have been growing.



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The Turrol Incident
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