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Text based RP
(Mild Spoilers) Hearts Intertwined (So not cannon) Icon_minitimeMon Jul 01, 2013 4:33 pm by DarkHeart
Uhm, so I want to do an RP based on text RPGs, as in your put into the world and you type in commands, if you've ever heard of Zork that is one of the examples. I don't think I would care what the …

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 (Mild Spoilers) Hearts Intertwined (So not cannon)

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(Mild Spoilers) Hearts Intertwined (So not cannon) Empty
PostSubject: (Mild Spoilers) Hearts Intertwined (So not cannon)   (Mild Spoilers) Hearts Intertwined (So not cannon) Icon_minitimeSun Feb 14, 2016 3:46 am

Sanaria stood behind the door, her face flushed slightly from the winter air flowing through a window some fool had left open. Her thoughts raced in her head, and any time she tried to get them in order she ended up in a confused state. 'Will I be able to mean what I say, will he still look at me the same way?' She wished so much to simply leave, to let him be and continue on as they always had, but the feelings she held close to her heart couldn't be anything else but what they were.
She wanted to be his, and she wanted him to be hers. She wanted nothing more than to hide him away now where no one else could have him.
"Now is the time I suppose." Her face flushed suddenly as she heard a noise from the room, and looked around as if to run away without being seen. She tentatively took a step to head back down the hallway when the door opened up from within.

Her heart skipped a beat.

"Please be mine."


Filensa held the item in her hand with pride. A boss' body was shattering behind her and the random group she had gone through the dungeon with, and she held the prize for getting the last hit on it. It wasn't a weapon or piece of armour so most people didn't care about it, but it meant all the world to her.
Silvannius had been trying to get this item for weeks now, to create some special item for his PvP build, and had yet to successfully obtain it. She smiled lightly at the thought of presenting it to him, would he praise her? Or maybe he would scold her for going off on her own to do this, he always hated missing an opportunity to run dungeons with her, and worried as well if she died and set herself back in leveling. She enjoyed that about him, his endless worry and help, and there was more than she could say about how she felt. "Maybe with this I'll reach him."


Drake was watering his horse when he heard the shuffling sounds outside the stables. Today was Loufierstiim and many of the girls from the academy had already come to him trying to give gifts and presents. He sighed internally before going to check who it was, as he had gone out to the stables in the vain hope he would receive a moments peace. He walked over before seeing a familiar cloak and ears of a hunched over figure. "Yoi aerienth guth ait hiident." The elvish smoothly flowed out of his mouth, despite the halting nature of the language.
The elf was startled and looked behind her before casting her gaze aside, embarrassed. "I simply wished to speak with you, seeing as we used to spend these days together when we were younger."
"Those days are past...You are a good friend to me Kyara but I'm afraid I do not see you as I did before."
Despite his words Kyara smiled lightly and her gaze softened. "I assumed as much, I am sure she would be quite pleased to hear these words. She so often worries about how you feel."
"She'll know one day. I just don't want to hurt her, and I'm not sure I am the one who should decide her future."
"She wouldn't care."
"But even so, she must decide on her own." He smiled as he looked upward toward the treeline, his thoughts turned to woman's figure, one he had seen in many different ways over the course of his first year at Brunswik, "I do hope I remain in those decisions."


Brianna held the gift in her hands, a boy had given it to her just a few minutes ago and she had no idea how she should have felt about it. The truth was she had no feelings at all for the boy, and when he had asked her the question she only wanted to have more time to really question what to say to him. She felt horrible about the whole thing, she just wanted it all to be over with and back home in her bed. "Why do we even have this holiday...It doesn't help me to talk to him at all." Her eyes teared up a little before turning back to the gift in her hands. Maybe all she could do was wait but she hated that, hated trying to seem okay around him and everything that was going on, she just wanted to tell someone about everything that she was feeling. Perhaps she should talk to him, let him know everything. Would he hold her? Would he wipe her tears away like in those stories? She doubted it, and in that doubt her fears welled up once more. He would probably reject her like she had seen him do to other girls, and somehow she wished it would be that easy for her, to express how she felt not only to him, but to everyone. "Maybe I should talk to Katsu." She had only known her for a short while, and yet she was a friend Brianna loved more than any others she had known. "I hope she'll know." She stuffed the gift back into her bag, letting the emotions fade away with it, and began to walk back to their room. "I'll deal with all this when the time comes."

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(Mild Spoilers) Hearts Intertwined (So not cannon)
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