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Text based RP
The Turrol Incident Character Sheets Icon_minitimeMon Jul 01, 2013 4:33 pm by DarkHeart
Uhm, so I want to do an RP based on text RPGs, as in your put into the world and you type in commands, if you've ever heard of Zork that is one of the examples. I don't think I would care what the …

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 The Turrol Incident Character Sheets

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PostSubject: The Turrol Incident Character Sheets   The Turrol Incident Character Sheets Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2015 8:41 pm

Post yo shit here.

"Only two things in this world are infinite, Human stupidity and the universe, and I'm not sure about the latter."
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PostSubject: Re: The Turrol Incident Character Sheets   The Turrol Incident Character Sheets Icon_minitimeMon Jun 01, 2015 8:42 pm

Name: Yuvu Gorff
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Race: Pyri
Faction: Anti-Human
Skin/Scale Color: Bright red
Eye(s) Color: Yellow
Hair: Plume of orange feathers that is quite large
Appearance: 7'4", 170 lbs, bulky and muscled. Armor plates are battered and worn from abuse. He's got a criminal look about him.
Notable Features: He has thirty marks on his left arm and a scar on the right of his face.
Outfit: Mercanary type armor, lightweight but slightly bulky, black with orange accents with a very futuristic look to it. Helmet retracts as needed.
Armament: Heavy shotgun and pistol, laser technology on both. Grenades.
Personality: Rough, no-nonsense, very prejudiced and anti-human. Wants to see his people rise up and defeat all humans, burning their presence away from history. He's got no time for comedy and often finds dealing with "lesser" races annoying if not a waste. He has a fond liking for Ithxa however, and is a great admirer of their art, particulaly the music. Yuvu is aggressive and lashes out easily, having little control of his anger. He's vengeful and a bit of a dramatic guy.
Family (Immediate): Tenna Gorff (Mother) Volo Gorff (Father - Deceased) Culla Broas (Sister) Hennat Broas (Brother-In-Law)
History: Yuvu was raised in the slums of Turrol, to a small family of Pyri. He knew right away that there was a terrible injustice placed upon his people by humanity, and soon learned to hate them properly. Growing up, he often had to defend his sister Culla from Humans, and would get into fights with the noble young boys that liked to visit the slums to torment them. When he was fifteen, they abducted his sister and furious, Yuvu killed them. He was then an adult, and was forced to leave home. Yuvu started to work at a local foundry until he could afford training from a Pyri outpost. Yuvu grew up to become a trained mercenary, and quit his job at the foundry to have adventures. He was hired on into a crew of pirates, and raided Human supply lines with other Pyri only to have the Turrol Confederation get wise and send a fleet to destroy them. Yuvu laid low on Jeminez for about two years before he got a call from his mother saying his father was dead. The nobles had him killed for stealing bread, when he'd already paid for it. Enraged, Yuvu went on a killing spree in Jeminez, and was jailed. His execution was narrowly escaped by the help of Anti-Human activitists. Since then, he'd joined up with the cause.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Powerful physically and a good shot, fire ability/temper, a bit slow mentally
Other: Has a very large bounty on his head.

Name: Ica Bonti
Age: 25 Years
Gender: Female
Race: Vol
Faction: Anti-Human
Skin/Scale Color: Silky dark brown
Eye(s) Color: Black
Hair: Tuft of red fur on head
Appearance: 3'5", 60 lbs, slimmed and for a Vol pretty
Notable Features: Slightly larger female horns
Outfit: Blue sheened blazer and dark pants, boots, there is minor armor underneath that makes her look a bit bulkier, always has gloves on.
Armament: Stun pistol
Personality: A friendly, boistrous Vol, Ica loves to meet other people. She's an author, and travels far and wide to find new places to write about and detail in her books. Her thirst for adventure is unsaitable, and often brings her into trouble. She however, with her honest good nature, can charm her way out of most situations. She's pacifistic, but not afraid to defend herself either.
Family (Immediate): Yuni Bonti (Mother - Deceased), Mika Bonti (Father - Deceased)
History: Born on the Vol homeworld Vugial to a wealthier family, Ica went to the best schools and took a keen interest in literature. The Vol aren't well known for their writers however, and she faced a lot of Ithxa/Human competitors as she progressed. She soon found a use for her race's talent with ships, and hired a pilot and bodyguard to go exploring and writing based upon what she found. Eventually she made her way to Turrol and Jeminez, and was appaled at the sheer injustice and inequality on the planet. She began to center her writings on these shocking discoveries, and exposed many of the under dealings of the society. This painted a target on her back however, and Ica was forced to go underground. She has evaded capture thus far but doesn't believe her luck can last much longer.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Very stealthy and clever, charming/doesn't last long in a fight, a bit naive
Other: She goes by the pen name "Rebecca Slyfer" a human name.
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The Turrol Incident Character Sheets
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